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53' Golden Bell Awards
53屆 電視金鐘獎 
Opening Animation for Best Director of TV Mini-Series 
迷你劇集導演獎 開場動畫

client / 三立影像中心, 台北市文化局

Art Director 導演 / Yashin 葉馨文
Animator 動畫製作 / 楊朝皓


In the television industry, making a good show or film relies on many intelligent people work and cooperate together. No one fight alone, every one in this process had inherited something, also have something to deliver to their successors.  The Golden Bell Award is a trophy to those who achieved  outstanding success of the year. The winners not just like the pioneers toward foreign land, but also the giants provide their shoulder for others could look further.
This work is the projecting animation on the 53th Golden Bell Award ceremony in Taipei 2018, released on the announcement part of the director of short film nominations.
Using the idea of the giants and traveller, constructed a world about ancient civilization which sleeping down deep under the sea, waiting the explorers to come.

迷你劇集電視電影導演獎,受藝術家Damien Hirst作品的影響,虛構出一個在海底遺落的古文明世界觀,等待著潛水員冒險者前來。

視覺創意統籌 / 專案統籌:趙安玲

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