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般若 はんにゃ Ban Ruo

個人創作 / self-initiated projects / pen / 60x80cm

- What inspired you?

Speak to erotic painting, first comes in my mind is Ukiyo-e. 

Ukiyo-e is a popular type of art during Edo period in Japan, which often took geisha as its main theme. 

The other object often shows in Ukiyo-e is Mandarin. Mandarin used to explain the object which appear in Ukiyo-e. In my work, the original meaning of the Mandarin is to describe the sound of lute - a kind of traditional Chinese musical instruments -, but I always feel the word which describe sound can also be used in sex. So, I combine these together in my work.

Here is the original poet :




A warbling canary glided underneath a blossom.

An underground brook trickled out of a rock bottom.

The brook became frozen, as the strings diminished.

Decrescendo continued until all sounds perished.

Yet a dark and gloomy meditation had grown.

At this moment, silence eclipsed any tone.

- Which challenges did you face in the creation process? 

Composition is always the most difficult to me, cause I hope everyone create their own story through my painting. I observed that Ukiyo-e often used window grille and paper screen to distinguish the space. Some character will be shadowed by grille or screen and blurring the image of character, bring out  many ways to imagination. So, this create a flow. The viewer follow this flow and pick up some clue which they want to believe, than, create the story belong to themselves. 

- What did you like about the original position?

The position is Cowboy. In my culture, this position often appear in our horror movie or folk story. It usually telling about a woman who betrayed by a man, lead her to take revenge to all of men. She will use her beauty to seduce all the men she met, let them having sex with her at first, then suddenly turn into a scubas and steal men's sprites.

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