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LORRIC Nozzles Brand Visual Illustration

Lorric​ 噴嘴品牌視覺插畫

illustration / branding

branding plan - judo-creative

illustrations - yashin

client - LORRIC

成立於 1991 年的LORRIC,是來自台灣的工業用噴嘴與流量計品牌,100% 台灣製造。
LORRIC, founded in 1991, is the Taiwanese manufacturer of industrial nozzles and flow meters, 100% made in Taiwan.



LORRIC 自傲打造工業用噴嘴的細膩工藝與獨有的 know-how,透過師傅充滿豐富閱歷與經驗的痕跡的雙手精雕細琢,以及對客戶需求的用心,即便量產,產品的高品質即使受到最嚴苛的環境的考驗,也能輕易展現令人激賞的精準表現。

Consistently self-challenging, we settle on the production of only the highest quality of nozzles through our uncompromising attitude.

We at LORRIC pride ourselves in creating industry-used high-grade nozzles through our meticulous techniques and exclusive knowledge. Through our craftsmen’s vast experience and diligence in understanding our customers’ requests, our products’ high quality ensures that even under the harshest of environments, they will perform as accurate as ever.



LORRIC 要向世界證明,台灣也能有細膩精密的工業產品,創辦人自詡成為世界執噴嘴與流量計產業之牛耳。來自台灣發光全球。

LORRIC wishes to stand together with customers and partners who embrace similar values, and together fashion a network of cooperation and mutual-support.

LORRIC takes to heart its clients’ demands for performance, and cautiously tackles every challenge presented. Taking inspiration from whales, who deep down in the wide blue ocean sing their songs to call their peers in an extraordinary frequency of 52 hertz, LORRIC too are looking for clients who embrace similar values, and like-minded global partners. Let us together become a community, and share with the world our values and uncompromising spirit.

LORRIC 願與擁抱相同價值觀的客戶與通路夥伴比肩同行


LORRIC 把客戶對表現的要求銘記在心,用心嚴謹地看待每一次的挑戰。 我們如鯨魚般發出不尋常地52赫茲音頻,試圖在清澈藍海中尋覓與我們擁有相同價值的客戶與全球通路夥伴。 

LORRIC aims to lead the Taiwanese industry, and stand firmly on the world stage of industrial production.

LORRIC wishes to prove to the world that Taiwan also has the capability for the most exquisite and precise of industrial production. Our company’s founder henceforth prides himself in knowing that LORRIC today stands as a world leader in the manufacturing of nozzles and flowmeters, and as such is also able to place Taiwan as a shining radiant spot on the map.

​LORRIC 產品插畫 / LORRIC Products illustration
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